4D Systems 9" Diablo16 Display Modules & Starter Kits

4D Systems 9" Diablo16 Display Modules and Starter Kits are designed to cater to the demand for large physical displays that provide easy integration and functionalities. These micro LCD modules are powered by the feature-rich Diablo16 graphics processor that offers an array of functionalities and options for the designers/users. This processor features 16 customizable GPIO, PWM capable, serial, I²C, SPI, pulse out, quadrature, and analog input. The 4D Systems 9" Diablo16 TFT Display Modules offer 800x480 resolution, RGB 65K true-to-life colors, and integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch (DT) or Capacitive Touch (DCT) options. These display modules are 100% compatible with Workshop4 IDE and its four different development environments providing a range of options for programming and controlling the systems.

Starter Kits

4D Systems recommends all first-time buyers of 4D Systems' displays take full advantage of all of the features of the display solution using Starter Kits. The Starter kits provide all the hardware required to complete the projects. Kit contents include a 9" integrated display module, interface module (gen4-IB), 4D Universal Programming Adaptor (4D-UPA), 4GB micro-SD card, 5-way cable/150mm 30-way FFC cable, and quick-start guide.

Kit Contents

  • 9" integrated resistive/capacitive touch smart display module
  • Interface board (gen4-IB)
  • 4D Universal Programming Adaptor (4D-UPA)
  • 4GB Industrial microSD card
  • 150mm 30-way 150mm FFC cable
  • 5-way female-to-female ribbon cable with male-to-male adaptor
  • Quick start guide


  • Powerful 9” intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by DIABLO16
    • Six banks of 32750 bytes of Flash memory for user application code and data
    • 32Kb of SRAM purely for the user
    • 16 General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins for user interfacing that include four configurable analog inputs
    • 30pin FPC connection for all signals, power, communications, GPIO, and programming
  • 800 x 480 Resolution, RGB 65K true-to-life colors, TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel (DT) or Capacitive Touch Panel (DCT)
    • Display full-color images, animations, icons, and video clips
  • 4x metal mounting tabs with 4.2mm holes for mechanical mounting using M4 screws
  • On-board latch type micro-SD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes
  • Bundles with hardware interface boards for Arduino and Raspberry Pi are also available
  • Compatible PCB to support popular gen4 modules
  • Supports all available Windows fonts
  • RoHS, REACH, and CE compliant

Mechanical Details

Mechanical Drawing - 4D Systems 9
Published: 2019-09-05 | Updated: 2023-03-20