ACEINNA OpenIMU300RI Evaluation Kit

ACEINNA OpenIMU300RI Evaluation Kit is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the OpenIMU300RI inertial navigation system. This evaluation kit includes the OpenIMU300RI unit attached to the test fixture, JTAG header board, ST-Link debugger, and the OpenIMU300RI breakout cable. The JTAG header board helps to connect the evaluation kit to the ST-Link debugger. The OpenIMU300RI evaluation kit requires an external DC power supply that must be able to provide 400mA at 4.9VDC to 32VDC. The ST-Link debugger is a standard JTAG SWD debugger that helps in-system applications debugging via the SWD interface. This evaluation kit incorporates the breakout cable to connect the OpenIMU300RI unit to the two 9-pin D-sub connectors.


  • Evaluates the OpenIMU300RI inertial navigation system
  • Supported by the Aceinna Navigation Studio
  • External DC power supply:
    • 400mA @ 4.9VDC to 32VDC
  • JTAG header board provides the means to connect the kit to an ST-Link debugger
  • ST-Link debugger is used for in-system debugging of applications via SWD interface
  • Breakout cable provides a connector to the OpenIMU300RI unit and to two 9-pin D-sub connectors

Kit Contents

  • Easy-to-use test fixture
  • OpenIMU300RI IMU module attached to the test fixture
  • ST-LINK J-TAG debugger, a debugger cable, and a USB cable
  • OpenIMU300RI breakout cable


ACEINNA OpenIMU300RI Evaluation Kit
Published: 2019-07-02 | Updated: 2023-07-26