Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-Axis Magnetometer

Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-Axis Magnetometer is based on Melexis MLX90393 Triaxis® Magnetic Node that measures 16 bits in ranges from ±5mT up to ±50mT in all 3-axes. This sensor, a 3.3V supply, and the level shifter are placed onto a magnetometer breakout board. The triple-axis magnetometer offers a vast range, making it an excellent choice for detecting magnets and magnetic orientation. The Adafruit Wide-Range Triple-Axis Magnetometer comes fully assembled and tested with a small piece of a header for use with a breadboard.


  • Offers a huge range for detecting magnets and magnetic orientation
  • Based on Melexis MLX90393 Triaxis® Magnetic Node
    • 16-bit output on all three (XYZ) magnetic field sensors
    • An unusually large dynamic range of 5mT to 50mT (1mT or millitesla = 10G or Gauss)
    • By comparison, the LSM303DLHC saturates at ±8.1G (0.81mT) at maximum range setting
    • Up to ~500Hz sample rate (Based on OSR=0, DIG_FILT=2, HALLCONF=0xC for 1.84ms conversion time)
    • User-adjustable I2C address to allow multiple sensors in your project (two I2C ADDR pins for four possible I2C addresses)
  •  23.0mm x 19.2mm x 2.8mm (0.9" x 0.8" x 0.1") product dimensions 
  • 1.5g (0.1oz) product weight


Published: 2019-05-02 | Updated: 2023-05-25