Adafruit AirLift Bitsy Add-On

Adafruit AirLift Bitsy Add-On is a daughterboard that uses the powerful ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor. The ESP32 chip utilizes TLS/SSL encryption, helps in connecting to a WiFi network, and transfers data from a site. This add-on board comes pre-programmed with ESP32 SPI WiFi co-processor firmware. The AirLift bitsy add-on board can operate with any ItsyBitsy with 3V logic. This add-on board requires an ItsyBitsy M4 for CircuitPython use as more RAM is needed. The AirLift bitsy add-on board is RoHS2 compliant and available in dimensions of 35.6mm x 18mm x 5.5mm.


  • ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor with TLS/SSL encryption
  • 2.4GHz frequency
  • 8MHz SPI interface for high-speed data transfer
  • Use any ItsyBitsy with 3V logic
  • Works great with CircuitPython
  • Tri-state chip for MISO
  • Pre-programmed with ESP32 SPI WiFi co-processor firmware
  • RoHS2 compliant
  • 35.6mm x 18mm x 5.5mm dimensions


Published: 2019-11-26 | Updated: 2023-06-16