Advanced Thermal Solutions Automatic Temperature & Velocity Scanners

Advanced Thermal Systems Automatic Temperature and Velocity Scanners are multi-channel hot wire anemometer systems for single or multi-point measuring of air temperature and velocity in complex environments. These research-quality instruments from Advanced Thermal Systems offer accurate results with the ease of use of a hand-held meter. They can measure both fluid and solid temperatures when used as temperature loggers.

The unique, patented sensors are designed to be flexible, robust, and low profile to minimize flow disturbance. They can be easily placed anywhere in the test domain. Using a single sensor to measure both temperature and velocity eliminates errors introduced due to the flow being nonisothermal. Each precisely calibrated sensor is flexible and robust with a low-profile configuration that allows minimally intrusive mounting throughout the peaks and valleys created by the PCB components. These systems require a PC to operate and utilize the stageVIEW™ software for data acquisition and reporting.


  • Can measure both temperature and air velocity with a single sensor
  • Offers research quality results with the ease of use of a hand-held meter
  • Sensors are calibrated for both low (natural convection) and high velocity flows from 0 to 51m/s (10,000ft/min)
  • Measures pressure, velocity, and temperature through the portholes
  • stageVIEW™ Software is available for automated data acquisition, reporting, and special thermal analysis module for quick evaluation of component temperature


  • -30°C to +150°C ±1°C (-22°F to +302°F) temperature range
  • 0 to 51m/s ±2% (0 to 10,000ft/min) flow range
  • Number of channels
    • 4 channels - eATVS-4™
    • 8 channels - eATVS-8™
    • 32 channels - ATVS-2020™
  • stageVIEW™ software
  • 110V to 220V power
  • Weight
    • 2kg (4lbs.) - eATVS-4™ and eATVS-8™
    • 5kg (10lbs.) - ATVS-2020™


Published: 2019-11-25 | Updated: 2023-04-04