Alliance Memory AS4C DDR4 Synchronous DRAMs

Alliance Memory AS4C DDR4 Synchronous DRAMs (SDRAM) are high-speed dynamic random-access memory internally conured as sixteen-banks. The DDR4 SDRAMs use an 8n prefetch architecture to achieve high-speed operation. This 8n prefetch architecture is combined with an interface designed to transfer two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins. These AS4C DDR4 SDRAMs offer to write and read leveling as well as self-refresh modes. The SDRAMs feature 1.2V pseudo-open-drain interface, data strobe preamble training, maximum power saving, and Command/Address Latency (CAL). These devices operate from 0°C to 95°C commercial temperature range and -40°C to 95°C industrial temperature range.


  • 1.2V pseudo-open-drain interface
  • 8n prefetch architecture
  • Internal VREFDQ training
  • Programmable data strobe preambles
  • Data strobe preamble training
  • Command/Address Latency (CAL)
  • Multipurpose register READ and WRITE capability
  • Write and read leveling
  • Auto refresh and self-refresh modes
  • Low-Power Auto Self-Refresh (LPASR)
  • Auto Self Refresh (ASR) by DRAM built-in TS
  • Fine granularity refresh
  • Self refresh abort
  • Maximum power saving
  • Output driver calibration
  • Configurable On-Die Termination (ODT)
  • Data Bus Inversion (DBI) for data bus
  • Command/Address (CA) parity
  • Databus write Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Per-DRAM addressability
  • Connectivity test (x16)


  • Density:
    • 16Gb (AS4C1G16D4-062BCN)
    • 8Gb (AS4C512M16D4-75BCN) 
  • Organization:
    • 64M words x 16 bits x 8 banks
  • Package:
    • 96-ball FBGA for x16
    • Lead-free (RoHS compliant) and halogen-free
  • Power supply:
    • VDD, VDDQ = 1.2V ±60mV
    • VPP = 2.5V and -125mV/250mV
  • 2133Mbps/2400Mbps/2666Mbps data rates
  • 1KB page size for X8 / 2KB page size for X16
  • Refresh cycles (Average refresh period):
    • 7.8μs at -40°C ≤ Tc ≤ 85°C
    • 3.9μs at 85°C < Tc ≤ 95°C
  • Operating case temperature ranges:
    • Commercial Tc = 0°C to 95°C
    • Industrial Tc = -40°C to 95°C
Published: 2020-09-16 | Updated: 2022-11-14