Amphenol Commercial SlimSAS™ Connectors

Amphenol Commercial SlimSAS™ Connectors are designed for UPI1.0, 11.2GT/s, and 24Gb/s SAS signals or 16GT/s PCIe signals. With a 0.60mm contact pitch, the Low Profile (LP) SlimSAS™ solutions are smaller than mainstream connectors and save space in end devices. The SlimSAS™ Connectors feature a robust metal shell receptacle and latch-on plug with a low 1.45mm mated height to provide a reliable connection. Typical applications include servers, switches, routers, storage racks, and more.


  • High-density connector
  • 0.60mm pitch, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x configurations
  • Supports UPI1.0 11.2GT/s, 25 Gb/s signal rate (56G PAM4), SAS 4.0 24Gb/s and PCIe® 4.0 16GT/s per lane
  • Designed for unshielded, internal, or external I/O connectors
  • Small form factor
  • High data rate
  • Low profile packaging
  • 1.45mm mating height (connector + cable plug)
  • Meets SAS 4.0, 24Gb/s specification
  • Resonance dampening feature
  • Supports many assembly options


  • Data centers
  • Host bus adapter (HBA) servers
  • Redundant array of individual disks (RAIDS)
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Storage racks
  • Storage controllers


  • 30VDC maximum voltage rating per contact
  • 0.5A maximum current rating per contact
  • 85Ω ±10Ω differential impedance
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 55.5N maximum mating force
  • 250 minimum mating cycle durability
  • 50N minimum latch retention force
  • 55.5N insertion force
  • 49N withdrawal force
  • Black color, LCP, lead-free solder reflow process compatible thermoplastic housing
  • Phosphor bronze contact base material
  • 50g nominal contact normal force
  • Matte tin or gold flash plated solder tails
  • Gold plated mating tails
  • Conductive polymer resonance dampening feature
Published: 2016-04-28 | Updated: 2023-05-11