Analog Devices Inc. AD8229HDZ Instrumentation Amplifier

Analog Devices Inc. AD8229HDZ Instrumentation Amplifier measures small signals in the presence of large common-mode voltages and high temperatures. AD8229HDZ's design architecture compensates for the low VBE voltages at high temperatures. 

The process is dielectrically isolated to avoid leakage currents at high temperatures. It delivers industry leading 1nV/√Hz input noise performance, and is one of the industry's fastest instrumentation amplifiers. The current feedback architecture is designed for high bandwidth at high gain. The high CMRR of the AD8229HDZ prevents unwanted signals from corrupting the acquisition.

Designed for excellent distortion performance in temperatures up to 210°C, AD8229HDZ is ideally suited for demanding applications such as vibration analysis, exhaust gas measurements, down-hole instrumentation, and harsh environment data acquisition.


  • Designed and guaranteed for 210°C operation
  • Low noise
    • 1nV/√Hz input noise
    • 45nV/√Hz output noise
  • High CMRR
    • 126dB CMRR (minimum), G = 100
    • 80dB CMRR (minimum) to 5kHz, G = 1
    • Excellent ac specifications
      • 15MHz bandwidth (G = 1)
      • 1.2MHz bandwidth (G = 100)
      • 22V/μs slew rate
      • THD: −130dBc (1kHz, G = 1)
    • Versatile
      • ±4V to ±17V dual supply
      • Gain set with single resistor (G = 1 to 1000)
      • Specified temperature range
      • -40°C to +210°C, SBDIP package
      • -40°C to +175°C, SOIC package


  • Down-hole instrumentation
  • Harsh environment data acquisition
  • Exhaust gas measurements
  • Vibration analysis


Published: 2013-09-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11