Analog Devices Inc. SCP-LT1962-EVALZ Signal Chain Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. SCP-LT1962-EVALZ Signal Chain Evaluation Board is a demonstration circuit based on the LT1962 300mA Low Noise Micropower LDO Regulator. Designed for use in battery-powered systems, the low 30µA quiescent current makes the LT1962 Regulator an ideal choice for use in smartphones and other noise-sensitive applications.

The SCP-LT1962-EVALZ is designed to be used with other Analog Devices Inc. Signal Chain Power (SCP) Connection Boards to form a complete signal chain power system, enabling fast evaluation of low power signal chains. To evaluate this board, some universal SCP hardware is required, including:


  • Pre-mounted LT1962 in an MSOP8 package
  • 20V maximum input voltage (VIN(MAX))
  • 19.57V maximum output voltage (VOUT(MAX))
  • 300mA maximum output current (IOUT(MAX))

SCP Configurator Tool

The Signal Chain Power (SCP) Configurator application is a companion software tool for the Signal Chain Power series of hardware evaluation boards. It is geared for precision instrumentation, test, and measurement system designers who need to power signal chains but are unsure of where to begin. Given an input voltage range, output voltage, and anticipated load current values, the SCP Configurator application will construct a "best fit" topology, choose the most appropriate IC, and show how to construct the power tree with all relevant SCP hardware to order for the system design. Various options for flexible system design include specifying low noise or dual output boards. 

Setup Example

Analog Devices Inc. SCP-LT1962-EVALZ Signal Chain Evaluation Board
Published: 2021-05-03 | Updated: 2022-03-11