Analog Devices Inc. AD7177-2 32-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs

Analog Device AD7177-2 32-Bit Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) are designed as low noise, fast settling, multiplexed, and 2-/4-channel (fully/pseudo-differential) Σ-Δ ADC for low bandwidth inputs. The AD7177-2 ADCs have a maximum channel scan rate of 10kSPS (100µs) for fully settled data. The output data rates range from 5SPS to 10kSPS. The AD7177-2 ADCs integrate key analog and digital signal conditioning blocks to enable designers to configure an individual setup for each analog input channel in use. The designers can select each feature on a per-channel basis. The integrated true rail-to-rail buffers on the analog inputs and external reference inputs offer easy-to-drive high impedance inputs. The precision 2.5V low drift (2 ppm/°C) bandgap internal reference (with output reference buffer) adds embedded functionality to reduce external component count.

The AD7177-2 ADCs are ideal for process control (PLC/DCS modules), temperature & pressure measurement, medical & scientific multi-channel instrumentation, and chromatography.


  • 32-bit data output
  • Fast and flexible output rate: 5SPS to 10kSPS
  • Channel scan data rate of 10kSPS/channel (100µs settling)
  • Performance specifications:
    • 19.1 noise-free bits at 10kSPS
    • 20.2 noise-free bits at 2.5kSPS
    • 24.6 noise-free bits at 5SPS
    • INL: ±1 ppm of FSR
  • 85dB filter rejection of 50Hz and 60Hz with 50ms settling
  • User-configurable input channels
  • 2 fully-differential channels or 4 single-ended channels
  • Crosspoint multiplexer
  • On-chip 2.5V reference (±2 ppm/°C drift)
  • True rail-to-rail analog and reference input buffers
  • Internal or external clock


  • FPGA and processor applications
  • Small cell base stations
  • Security and surveillance
  • Medical applications

Typical Application Circuit

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. AD7177-2 32-Bit Sigma-Delta ADCs
Published: 2015-04-23 | Updated: 2022-03-11