Analog Devices Inc. ADP7183/ADP7185 Linear Regulators

Analog Devices Inc. ADP7183/ADP7185 CMOS, LDO linear regulators operate from -2.0V to -5.5V and offer up to -300mA/-500mA (respectively) of output current. The regulators are ideally suited for the regulation of high-performance analog and mixed-signal circuits that operate from -0.5V down to -4.5V. Developed using an advanced proprietary architecture, the ADP7183/ADP7185 regulators deliver high PSRR and low-noise performance. In addition, the regulators achieve excellent line and load transient response using a small 4.7μF ceramic output capacitor.

Performance specifications include a low 4μVrms from 100Hz to 100kHz output noise, 20nV/√Hz noise spectral density from 10kHz to 1MHz, and a typical low dropout voltage of -130mV/-190mV. The regulators have a ±0.5% initial output voltage accuracy and ±2.6%/±2.2% output voltage accuracy over line, load, and temperature. Analog Devices ADP7183/ADP7185 Regulators are available in fixed output voltages ranging from -0.5V to -4.5V and an adjustable output option from -0.5V to -VIN + 0.5V.


  • -2.0V to -5.5V input voltage range
  • -300mA maximum output current
  • -0.5V to -4.5V fixed output voltage options
  • -0.5V to -VIN + 0.5V adjustable output
  • 4μrms output noise from 100Hz to 100kHz
  • 20nV/√Hz, 10kHz to 1MHz noise spectral density
  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)
    • ADP7183 at -300mA load
      • 75dB typical at 10kHz
      • 62dB typical at 100kHz
      • 40dB typical at 1MHz
    • ADP7185 at -500mA Load
      • 65dB typical at 10kHz
      • 50dB typical at 100kHz
      • 40dB typical at 1MHz
  • Low Dropout Voltage
    • -130mV typical at IOUT = -300mA (ADP7183)
    • -190mV typical at IOUT = -500mA (ADP7185)
  • Initial output voltage accuracy (VOUT): ±0.5% at IOUT = −10mA
  • Output Voltage Accuracy Over Line, Load, and Temperature
    • ±2.6% (ADP7183)
    • ±2.2% (ADP7185)
  • -0.6mA typical operating supply current at no load
  • -2μA typical shutdown current at VIN = -5.5V
  • Stable with small 4.7μF ceramic input and output capacitor
  • Positive or negative enable logic
  • Current-limit and thermal overload protection
  • 8-lead, 2mm × 2mm LFCSP package
  • Supported by ADIsimPOWER voltage regulator design tool


  • Regulation to Noise-Sensitive Applications
    • Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)
    • Digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
    • Precision amplifiers
  • Communications and infrastructure
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Industrial and instrumentation

Typical Application Circuits

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADP7183/ADP7185 Linear Regulators
Published: 2017-09-01 | Updated: 2022-09-01