Analog Devices Inc. Digital Crosspoint Switches

Analog Devices Digital Crosspoint Switches are high-speed crosspoint and 2:1 multiplexer and demultiplexer switches. These switches are ideal for WDM, enterprise, and metro networking systems commonly employed by internet service providers, data centers, and storage area networks.

Featured Series

The digital crosspoint switches are available in different series:

HMC857: 14Gbps data rates, 2 x 2 crosspoint switch with the Programmable Output Voltage.

AD8152: 3.22Gbps data rates, 34 x 34 crosspoint switch

AD8153: Single-lane 3.2Gbps data rates, 2:1 mux / 1:2 demux switch with Input Equalization and Output Pre-emphasis.

AD8155: 6.5Gbps data rates, Dual Buffer Mux/Demux.

AD8158: 6.5Gbps data rates, Quad Buffer Mux/Demux.

AD8159: 3.2Gbps data rates, Quad Buffer Mux/Demux.

ADN4600: X-Stream™ 4.25Gbps data rates, 8 x 8 digital crosspoint switch.

ADN4604: X-Stream™ 4.25Gbps data rates, 16 x 16 digital crosspoint switch.

ADN4605: X-Stream™ 4.25Gbps data rates, 40 x 40 digital crosspoint switch.

ADN4612: 11.3Gbps data rates, 12 x 12 digital crosspoint switch.

ADN8102: X-Stream™ 3.75Gbps data rates, Quad Bidirectional CX4 Equalizer.

HMC1027: 14.2Gbps data rates, 13 x 13 asynchronous crosspoint switch with Equalization and De-Emphasis.

Published: 2018-06-04 | Updated: 2023-02-08