Analog Devices Inc. EV-ADF5902SD1Z Evaluation Board

Analog Devices EV-ADF5902SD1Z Evaluation Board evaluates the ADF5902 24GHz voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) programmable gain amplifier (PGA). The ADF5902 features a 2-channel power amplifier (PA) output and a ramping phase-locked loop (PLL). The EV-ADF5902SD1Z evaluation board requires an EVAL-SDP-CS1Z system demonstration platform serial (SDP-S) controller board, which the kit does not include. The EVAL-SDP-CS1Z SDP-S allows software programming of the ADF5902 device.


  • Self-contained board, including the ADF5902 24 GHz VCO PGA, with integrated 2-channel PA output and fractional-N frequency synthesizer with ramp generation
  • Windows-based software allows control of the ADF5902 functions from a PC
  • Externally powered by a 5V power supply

Required Equipment

  • PC with Windows XP (or a more recent version) and a USB port for evaluation software
  • Analog Devices EVAL-SDP-CS1Z SDP-S controller board
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • 5V power supply
Published: 2019-02-04 | Updated: 2023-08-02