Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-AD5242DBZ Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-AD5242DBZ Evaluation Board is designed to help users assess the features and capabilities of the AD5242 single-channel, 256-position, I²C-compatible digital potentiometer. The AD5242 supports single-supply 2.7V to 5.5V operation, making the device suitable for battery-powered applications and many applications requiring superior low-temperature coefficient performance. The EVAL-AD5242DBZ daughter board and the EVAL-MB-LV-SDZ motherboard can operate in single-supply mode and incorporate an internal power supply from the USB.


  • Full-featured evaluation board used in conjunction with low voltage digiPOT motherboard (EVAL-MB-LV-SDZ)
  • Multiple test circuits
  • Multiple AC/DC input signals
  • PC control via a separately purchased system demonstration platform (SDP-B or SDP-S)
  • PC software for control

Kit Contents

  • VAL-AD5242DBZ evaluation board
  • EVAL-MB-LV-SDZ motherboard
  • Self-installing software that allows users to control the board and exercise all functions of the device
  • Electronic version of the AD5242 datasheet
  • Electronic version of the EVAL-AD5242DBZ user guide
Published: 2015-04-21 | Updated: 2022-03-11