Analog Devices Inc. Unbuffered Analog Crosspoint Switches

Analog Devices Unbuffered Analog Crosspoint Switches are designed for routing high-speed signals including composite and component videos. This composite video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and component video (YUV, RGB) used in applications such as studios, video on demand, in-flight entertainment, and video teleconferencing. The unbuffered crosspoint switches come in ADG2188, ADG2108, ADG2128, and AD75019 series.


  • ADG2188, ADG2108, ADG2128
    • I2C compatible interface
    • 3.4MHz high-speed I2C option
    • 32-lead LFCSP_VQ package (5mm × 5mm)
    • Double-buffered input logic
    • Simultaneous update of multiple switches
    • Up to 300MHz bandwidth
    • Fully specified at dual ±5V / single +12V operation
    • 35Ω maximum on resistance
    • <20μA low quiescent current
    • Qualified for automotive applications
  • AD75019
    • 256 switches in a 16 x 16 array
    • 24V or ±12V wide signal range to supply rails
    • 200Ω typical low on-resistance
    • Compatible control lines
      • TTL
      • CMOS
      • Microprocessor
    • Serial input simplifies interface
    • Serial output allows cascading for more channels
    • 2mW quiescent low power consumption
    • Compact 44-lead PLCC package
Published: 2018-06-07 | Updated: 2023-02-02