Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX17310 Evaluation Kits

Analog Devices MAX17310 Evaluation Kits are fully assembled and tested surface-mount PCBs that evaluate the stand-alone pack-side fuel gauge IC. These Analog Devices kits include the IC evaluation board with an integrated I2C/1-Wire® interface and USB micro-B cable. Windows®-based graphical user interface (GUI) software is available for use with the EV kits.


  • ModelGauge™ m5 algorithm
  • Monitors single-cell packs
  • Full protection solution on-board for evaluation
  • Battery pack input voltage range of +2.3V to +4.9V with default hardware
  • Default current range -5A to +5A, up to 10A with less than 5mΩ sense resistor
  • Thermistor measurement network
  • On-board I2C/1-wire communication interface
  • Windows 7 or newer compatible software
  • Proven PCB layout
  • Fully assembled and tested

Board Connections

Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX17310 Evaluation Kits
Published: 2021-10-18 | Updated: 2023-04-17