APEM TS Series Miniature Thumbsticks

APEM TS Series Miniature Thumbsticks are proportional two-axis joysticks in a miniature package. These thumbsticks feature non-contacting Hall Effect technology for long-life performance and are available with multiple linear output options, including single and dual (redundant) outputs. The APEM TS Series is similar in size and operation to "gamepad" controls but in a rugged industrial package. Typical applications include pendant and remote controls, joystick handle, and armrest integration.


  • Threaded plastic D-flat housing
  • 1 or 2 axis
  • USB outputs available
  • Non-contact Hall Effect technology
  • IP67 above panel sealing
  • Pressure washable to IP69K
  • Redundant outputs available
  • Rear or drop-in mounting available


  • Pendant and remote controls
  • Joystick handle
  • Arm rest integration


Published: 2018-05-23 | Updated: 2023-09-29