Azoteq IQS572EV02 Arduino Shield Module

Azoteq IQS572EV02 Arduino Shield Module designed to evaluate IQS572-B000 trackpad/touchscreen controller. The module uses an 8x8 diamond sensor pattern to detect user proximity and touch, identify finger position coordinates, and generate gesture outputs based on the finger interaction. The effective on-chip sensor coordinates filtering, and advanced processing algorithms, the IQS572 provides reliable and stable operational outputs. The IQS572EV02 is programmed with the standard B000 trackpad firmware with the setup parameters pre-configured.

Although the module is designed to be used as a plug-in shield PCB for the Arduino Uno, it can also be connected to the Azoteq PC software for evaluation, visualization, configuration, and programming. The IQS572EV02 Arduino Shield Module can be connected to a PC using the Azoteq CT210A USB Dongle Programmer (not included) and the IQS5xx-B000 PC Graphic User Interface (GUI) software.

Published: 2016-11-16 | Updated: 2022-03-11