Azoteq IQS620AEV0x-S Evaluation Kits

Azoteq IQS620AEV0x-S Evaluation Kits are designed to facilitate faster project development with the IQS620A ProxFusion® Sensor IC and are available in three varieties. This IQS620AEV01 kit includes three IQS620A stamp modules. The IQS620AEV02-S kit comes with an IQS620A shield + Arduino Uno and an IQS620A detachable stamp module. The Azoteq  IQS620AEV04 kit includes one IQS620A stamp module, a host shield board, and a CT210 USB dongle programmer.

The IQS620A stamp modules each include a pre-mounted target IC, with full pin breakout for prototyping purposes. The host shield board in the IQS620AEV04 kit includes a sensing wheel and magnet and supports Hall-effect, touch, and proximity sensing. The host shield board can be connected to a PC via the CT210A USB dongle programmer, with raw data displayed by a graphic user interface (GUI). The host shield board can be also be attached to the headers of an Arduino Uno or ST Nucleo (not included), with sensor information displayed on integrated 7-segment LEDs.

Kit Contents

  • IQS620AEV01-S
    • 3x IQS620A stamp modules
  • IQS620AEV02-S
    • 1x IQS620A shield + Arduino Uno
    • 1x IQS620A detachable stamp module
  • IQS620AEV04-S
    • 1x IQS620A host shield board
    • 1x IQS620A stamp module
    • CT210 USB dongle programmer
Published: 2019-07-25 | Updated: 2023-06-06