Signal Transformer / Bel Two-4-One™ Power Transformers

Signal Transformer/Bel Two-4-One™ Power Transformers use split bobbin construction that provides superior isolation and low capacitive coupling. These transformers offer chassis mounting style, single or dual primary winding, and a single secondary winding.The two-4-one transformers are available in 241 series and 241-L series, where the 241-L transformers offer lead wires. Both the 241 and the 241-L series are UL recognized to UL 506/UL 5085-1, File # E63829 and CSA certified to C22.2 #66.1, File # 221070.


  • Uses split bobbin construction
  • Provides superior isolation
  • Low capacitive coupling
  • 241-L series features lead wires


  • 2.4VA to 100VA power range
  • 2500Vrms high potential dielectric strength
  • Single or dual primary winding
  • Single center-tapped secondary winding
  • Solder-lug/quick connect type terminals
  • Class B (130ºC) UL 1446 E66312 insulation
  • UL recognized to UL 506/UL 5085-1, File # E63829
  • CSA certified to C22.2 #66.1, File # 221070
Published: 2017-12-28 | Updated: 2022-03-11