Bergquist Company Liqui-Form TLF 3800LVO Liquid Formable Gel

Bergquist Company Liqui-Form TLF 3800LVO Liquid Formable Gel provides low volatility, low assembly stress, and high thermal conductivity for high reliability. The 3800LVO is a one-part, pre-cured, liquid thermal interface material (TIM) that is designed for demanding applications. This gel-based medium has a consistent and stable viscosity, allowing for high shot-to-shot consistency for volume manufacturing. Bergquist Liqui-Form TLF 3800LVO Liquid Formable Gel features a high thermal conductivity of 3.8W/m-K, excellent thermal cycling reliability, reworkability, and low siloxane volatility for silicone-sensitive applications.


  • Dispensable pre-cured gel
  • Minimized outgassing with low siloxane less than 100ppm
  • Elimination of stress-related component failures
  • Device/thermal cycling reliability
  • Ultra-conforming with excellent wet-out in application
  • Stable viscosity in storage and in the application
  • Thorough gap filling for small, complex, intricate, and delicate architectures
  • Low volatility for silicone-sensitive applications
  • High vibration resistance
  • 3.8 W/m-K thermal conductivity
  • Excellent chemical stability and mechanical stability
  • Ease of rework capability protects assembly value
  • Room-temperature storage
  • Available with and without glass beads in different cartridges and pail sizes


  • Handheld devices
  • Bare die to heat spreader lid
  • Filling various gaps between heat-generating devices to heat sink and housing
  • Devices requiring low assembly pressure
  • High-value assemblies with rework
Published: 2020-04-17 | Updated: 2022-03-11