Bourns Shielded Power Inductor Kits

Bourns Shielded Power Inductor Kits provide a convenient supply of inductors useful for power supplies in portable communications equipment, camcorders, LCD TVs, and car audio. Bourns Kits for SRP lines contain shielded power inductors with current ratings up to 45A and inductance ranges from 0.32µH to 10µH. Bourns Kits for SRR lines contain shielded SMT power inductors available in E12 values with inductance as low as 1.9µH and current ratings up to 10.2A. Bourns Kits for SRU lines also contain shielded SMD power inductors, but feature various models in E6 values, currents up to 7.8A, and heights down to 1mm.


  • Power Supplies
    • Portable communication equipment
    • Camcorders
    • LCD TVs
    • Car audio applications
Published: 2010-06-23 | Updated: 2022-03-11