Broadcom ACFL-5211T Automotive-Grade Digital Optocoupler

Broadcom/Avago ACFL-5211T Automotive-Grade Digital Optocoupler is a dual-channel, bidirectional, high-speed 1MBd digital optocoupler. The ACFL-5211T has a stretched SO-12 package outline that is designed to be compatible with standard surface mount processes. It occupies the same land area as the single-channel equivalent, ACPL-K43T, in a stretched SO8 package.


  • Qualified to AEC Q100 Grade 1 Guidelines
  • Ultra-low LED drive current for status feedback at IF = 0.8mA or 1.5mA
  • High speed (1MBd) operation at IF = 10mA with low propagation delay: 1μs (max.)
  • Low standby leakage:
    • ICCH: 2.5μA (max.)
    • IOH: 5μA (max.)
  • 30kV/μs High Common-Mode Rejection at VCM = 1500V (typ)
  • Compact, Auto-Insertable Stretched SO12 Packages
  • Worldwide Safety Approvals:
    • UL 1577 recognized, 5kVRMS/1 min.
    • CSA Component Acceptance Notice#5A
    • IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C


  • Automotive Low-Speed Digital Signal Isolation Interface
  • Inverter Fault Feedback Signal Isolation
  • Switching Power Supplies Feedback Circuit

Functional Diagram

Broadcom ACFL-5211T Automotive-Grade Digital Optocoupler
Published: 2015-06-24 | Updated: 2022-03-11