Microchip Technology SAM D21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit

Microchip SAM D21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit evaluates the ATSAMD21J18A microcontroller. The kit includes an onboard Embedded Debugger and features to enable the peripherals and integrate them into the design quickly. The debugger is a composite USB device with interfaces for the debugger, a Virtual COM Port, and a DataGateway Interface (DGI). No external tools are necessary to program or debug.

The Xplained Pro Board features three Xplained Pro Extension Headers that allow quick connection to Xplained Pro Extension Kits. Xplained Pro Extensions are modular add-on boards for the Xplained Pro Development Platform. Each adds specific peripherals or features, such as sensors, wired and wireless connectivity, touch controllers, Crypto Authentication, LCD touchscreens, and mikroBUS™ click boards. The modular design of the Xplained Pro Extension Boards allows developers to add just the features wanted to Xplained Pro-based applications. Extension Boards not included. 


  • SAMD21J18A Microcontroller
  • One mechanical reset button
  • One mechanical user pushbutton - Wake-up, bootloader entry, or general purpose
  • One yellow user LED
  • 32.768kHz crystal
  • USB interface, device, and reduced host mode
  • 8 Mbit Serial Flash
  • 3 Xplained Pro extension headers
  • USB powered
  • Supported with application examples in Atmel Software Framework
  • Embedded Debugger
    • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio
    • One yellow status LED
    • One greenboard power
    • LED Symbolic debugging of complex data types, including scope information
    • Programming and debugging
    • Data Gateway Interface with SPI, I2C, 4 GPIOs
    • Virtual COM port (CDC)


Board Layout

Microchip Technology SAM D21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit
Published: 2018-03-16 | Updated: 2023-08-28